*Note: This software working only with Tiktok account that have live stream bottom only. 

👉 Live Stream on Tiktok with OBS step must following:

1. Install OBS live stream in your computer

2. Install App 淦直播 Gan Live on your phone

3. And Install Tiktok app same as mobile phone

👉 How does it's work ?

Step 0: Open your OBS in your PC then Set your stream => Setting => Stream => Choose                Custome server (hang it on here will return on step 4)

Step 1: Log in Tiktok account that have live stream button, click Go LIVE

Step 2: Close Tiktok then clear cache

Step 3: Open 淦直播 Gan Live then click on Roket after click on Crystal. 

           You will get the 7 code pop up on your phone screen

Back to your OBS 

Step 4: Fill it by

           - Server: GZB

           - Stream Key: (7digi number pop up on your screen) 

           On your phone screen click ok

Step 5: click on button 主播不在线点我  (#3)

👉 Check your stream on web than enjoy your custom live from OBS

Watch Video Tutorial here:

Download APK and OBS software for live stream 

Get Trail Version Code and Support